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We had a good run here.
Thank you everyone who participated.
Sad to see this forum going away.  I'm sure HB and others will pick up the slack, but it was nice having a dedicated site for Gaggia machines.  It's great that the forum will still be available as an archive going forward.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get the most out of my Classic and guided me on my espresso journey.
Troubleshooting your Gaggia / Re: Coffee Deluxe
« Last post by SusanJoM on December 31, 2017, 11:47:12 AM »
You are spot on:  the group valve that you are referring to is the most likely culprit,   It may well be that there is a bit of scale which is keeping it from closing completely. 

You might want to remove and clean that valve before you do a full descale of the machine, see if that fixes that problem.

Be aware that if the machine hasn't been descaled in a long time, descaling may break chunks of scale off and those chunks might block that valve.  You might need to do it a few times, and/or you might need to open the boiler and do a full manual descale just to get yourself in full control of a clean working machine.

Good luck.
Troubleshooting your Gaggia / Coffee Deluxe
« Last post by Prophecy on December 31, 2017, 04:48:57 AM »
I was just given a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe that seems to be in extremely good shape except the group head drips essentially all the time. I read about the "idiot proof" auto fill steam valve but that doesn't seem to be what would cause an issue like this.

I haven't descaled the machine yet, so could it be that? I still need to read up on what the parts are and how this unit works but I saw some posts that look like some kind of spring valve that holds the water back when the pump isn't activated that may be full of scale.

Any ideas before the forum shuts down for good?? And also thanks to everyone for such a great resource and all of your time over the years!
9 bar dynamic (using bleeder valve to simulate flow)
10 bar static (no flow)
1.  Some are molded in which
2.  3/8"
3.  So you can set for dynamic or static pressure
4.  Just take the picture to the hardware store

Thanks for the quick response Susan.   Regarding dynamic or static pressure, when should 9 bars be set?  Meaning when the portafilter is pressured with no way of releasing the pressure?
1.  Some are molded in which
2.  3/8"
3.  So you can set for dynamic or static pressure
4.  Just take the picture to the hardware store
I found the old thread (below) listing parts, one of the links is no longer valid.   I also found pictures of a homemade pressure gauge in the library, but no detailed parts list.  Seems like its cheaper to build your own versus buying a premade gauge since they go for $30-$50 from what Ive seen.

1.  Is the spout on the stock portafilter made to be disassembled? 
2.  If yes to above, is the thread type on the bottom of the stock portafilter 1/4" NPT?
3.  What is the valve and hose for?  Wouldnt turning off the pump divert the built up pressure to the 3 way valve?
3.  Does anyone have an updated parts list?

Old thread,560.msg4842.html#msg4842

Library pictures;sa=page;p=9
I would like to thank the moderators, the information has been priceless, and I feel I'm getting the absolute maximum out of my Classic because of the information provided. Just yesterday, I've taken my Classic apart for maintenance, something I started with a year ago. Choice of right Coffee, grinder, plus clean machine plus water are the ingredients for perfect Coffee each and every time. The addition of PID plus changing the steam wand have helped me tremendously.
Modifications to your Gaggia / Re: Nice OWC restoration at HB
« Last post by D4F on December 27, 2017, 04:27:49 PM »
Nicely done!
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