Good Coffee =
Good beans + Good grind + Good machine + Good technique

Fresh roasted beans are a prerequisite for quality espresso.
The espresso grinder is the key to making quality espresso and there is no way to achieve satisfactory
results without a good one. (It’s impossible to make quality espresso with preground coffee.)

The espresso machine is the least important part of the equation.
A basic Gaggia model will do just fine  (Espresso, Coffee, Evolution, or Carezza).
If your plan is to use the machine more frequently, say for entertaining, then consider
upgrading to a 3-way solenoid valve equipped machine such as (Classic or Baby).

Technique is mastered by trial and error. Sit at a table with a half pound of beans, your grinder, the
machine and the necessary accessories. Adjust the grinder until very little passes when you pull a shot.
Making minute changes, grind progressively coarser until you get 1 ounce in the cup in 25 - 30 seconds
using the single filter (double filter = 2 ounces in 25 - 30 seconds).
Your grinder is now dialed into your machine, and this is your baseline setting. To slow the pour of future shots, grind finer. To speed up the flow of future shots, grind coarser.

Tex's Golden Rule for temperature management:
- If the coffee’s bitter reduce the brew temperature.
- If the coffee’s sour, raise the brew temperature.

And always prime the boiler before pulling a shot. All Gaggia steam valves, and all group valves leak to varying degrees, creating pockets of steam at the top of the boiler; brew pressure will vary if this steam is not eliminated.

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