Priming means pulling air/steam through the steam wand until only water flows.  This insures that the boiler is full of water, and not partially filled with air/steam.  Here's how you do it.

Make sure all switches are in the OFF position, then plug the machine in.
Fill the water reservoir up with fresh water; making sure all hoses are submerged and free of kinks or other obstructions.
Open the steam valve, and place a container under the steam wand.

Turn machine ON, and immediately turn the coffee/brew switch on.
The pump will be loud initially but should quieten within 10 sec. or so as the boiler fills.

Close the steam valve once water starts to flow out the steam wand. The espresso machine is
now primed.

VERY IMPORTANT! Shut the machine off if water does not appear after 1 minute. Wait 10
minutes. Repeat. Check for leaks (water under machine).

It is recommended the machine be reprimed anytime the machine has been sitting idle while
powered on, to purge air from the boiler.

*Note that there is a difference between Priming and Flushing.  Flushing means pulling water through the group before pulling a shot and is recommended only if you have steamed and then want to lower the boiler temperature quickly to pull another shot.  Flushing is appropriate for HX machines but not normally useful for single boiler Gaggias.

Because Gaggia steam wands leak( :-[), there is often steam at the top of boilers of Gaggia machines that are left on for any length of time. Priming the boiler eliminates the steam and insures the boiler is filled with water.


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