Gaggia Users Group

Welcome to a new Gaggia Users Group.

This group is intended to help owners and users of semi-automatic Gaggia espresso machines get the most from their machines.

We are moving to this site from the Yahoo Gaggia Users Group. The old site will remain available in read-only form, so that members can continue to search for information that hasn't (yet) migrated to the new site. We'll also continue to accept memberships at the old group, but after a very brief transition period, no new messages will be accepted there.
We will be  -- for a while -- a work in progress, and we hope that you will be patient with us as we grow into our new digs.  Six years of hard work went into the Yahoo Group, and we have nothing but respect for that work;   we have moved as much of it as possible to this site and will continue  -- with your help -- to furnish this one with as much and hopefully more.

Check out the library, visit the forum, and jump in!



Reference Library

Owners Manuals, Parts Diagrams, Wiring Diagrams, and How-To-Do-Stuff Articles.


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